• Solo Project
  • Dev Cycle: 4 weeks
  • Engine: Unity3D

Port-Amonium is a first-person puzzle game. Players gain the ability to teleport and must use it to navigate through maze-like levels.

The player aims the gauntlet, which will fire a projectile. If the projectile hits a green surface, the player will teleport to that position. This projectile’s motion is affected by physics, following a trajectory due to gravity. This means the player has to take care to aim shots appropriately to reach certain areas of the level.

Each level ends with the player reaching a vent. This will automatically send the player to the next level. If the player misses the goal and falls, he will die and have to begin play from the very beginning.





The Player is able to move through W,A,S,D controls

Pressing Q will delete a teleport projectile while it is in the air.

Holding X will speed up time, and Z will slow it down.

Pressing E will drop and object called a “tactical teleporter.” This object acts a save system, because pressing E again will teleport the player back to where they first dropped the tactical teleporter. This is necessary to save yourself when falling to your death.


Environmental Interactions

Reflective Warp

  • The blue tube-like objects floating within the game space act a reflective surfaces that a skilled player can bounce their projectiles off. Some levels will require the use of these to progress.

Two way Worm hole

  • The green and orange spirals act as worm holes. Both the player and the projectiles can move through these to come out the opposite worm hole. Any object that does this will retain all of its momentum.


Playable Web Build